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Fiction Novel Author Jan M. Edwards   is pleased to present the literary works of Author, Jan M. Edwards. Released in Spring 2006, Doctor! Please, I'm Alive! had a back-log of orders before it ever hit the shelves.Thousands of advance copies were requested. A screenplay is in the works for adaptation into a feature film. Reed One Films (Los Angeles) and Greenstone Film Partners (Vancouver) have expressed an interest in producing the film.  

Her second novel, Shadows of Love , was released Summer 2011.  You can order your copy directly from the author with the option of adding a signature or dedication, or you can buy it directly from the Publisher.

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for an Opportunity to WIN a FREE COPY of
Your Choice of Either of Jan's Novels!

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Jan M. Edwards's First Novel:

Doctor! Please, I'm Alive!

Published Spring 2006

Jan M. Edwards's Second Novel:

Shadows of Love

Published June 2011

            alive book by jan m edwards

Jan M. Edwards
Doctor! Please, I'm Alive!
Published by BookSurge Publishing

Copyright © 2006 Jan M. Edwards
All rights reserved.

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'Doctor, Please! I'm Alive!'
Back Cover Text by
Best Selling Author Ellen Tanner Marsh:
"What happens when the doctors we depend upon to heal us hurt us instead? Author Jan M. Edwards has crafted a crackerjack medical thriller that’s based in part on her family’s shattering real life events. When Jennifer Spriggs-Miller went into the hospital, instead of getting better, she became suddenly comatose. Faced with uncaring doctors and a medical system that seemed more interested in cash flow than healthy blood flow, Edwards’ family struggled to keep Jennifer alive. Jan Edwards began to reexamine everything she thought she knew about the medical system and in the process, she created a stunning novel about love, sacrifice and health care in America.

Doctor! Please, I’m Alive! is the fictionalized, riveting story of a lovely young woman, caught between a doctor’s deadly ambitions and her family’s desperate attempts to heal her. In the novel, Jennifer Spriggs-Miller has been hospitalized for terrible pains and slips into a coma. Her husband Skyler is terrified she’s going to die. Meanwhile, Skyler’s sister Jan begins to realize something very unhealthy is going on when Doctor Malakai, Jennifer’s doctor, treats the case with disturbing chilliness.  Even worse, Jan begins to hear frightening rumors about Doctor Malakai’s secret research and his involvement in a drug cartel. When another doctor comes forward to help the family, he’s suddenly savagely murdered. Could the good doctor Malakai actually be evil? And if so, can he be stopped?

Like Coma, Robin Cook’s mega-bestseller, Doctor! Please, I’m Alive! escalates to fever pitch and asks probing questions about the health of our medical establishment. If you’re looking for a heartfelt story of a real-life family grappling with loss and love, and a white-knuckle suspense thriller, Jan Edwards’ remarkable book is just what the doctor ordered."

Shadows of Love by Jan M. Edwards book cover

Jan M. Edwards
Shadows of Love
Published by Tate Publishing

Copyright © 2011 Jan M. Edwards
All rights reserved.

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$15.00 Including Shipping
Autographed by the Author

'Shadows of Love'
When Tiffany Long returns to her hometown of Maggie Valley, North Carolina, after being gone for sixteen years, the last thing she expects is to be reunited with an old friend and an old flame. Growing up with an overbearing, immoral father and an alcoholic mother does not provide Tiffany with a fairy tale childhood. But when she meets Luke Phillips Silvers, she thinks she has something to live for finally. Her father, however, has other plans. When Tiffany graduates from high school, her father ships her off to Washington, D.C. to live with her aunt and uncle.

Determined to make the best of her less-than-desirable situation, Tiffany enrolls in college, but before she can get adjusted in her new life she is raped by an intruder. After much prayer and support, Tiffany begins to think she is finally getting over her nightmare. She even meets a man, Don Springer. Just as their relationship is getting serious, Tiffany finds out she is pregnant. Don is incredibly supportive and proposes unexpectedly. Believing that Don is the only man who will ever have her, Tiffany accepts. She decides to give the baby up for adoption and begin married life with a clean slate.

Soon after the wedding, Don shows his true colors, becoming both verbally and physically abusive. Fearing for her life, Tiffany leaves him. Her thoughts soon return to the son she gave up for adoption and the man she was forced to leave, Luke Phillips Silvers. A meeting in Maggie Valley provides Tiffany with an excuse to reunite with Luke.

Although hesitant at first, the couple eventually picks up where they left off sixteen years earlier. Soon, however, painful secrets emerge from Shadows of Love.

Is Tiffany and Luke's relationship strong enough to survive?

Jan Edwards is retired and lives in southwest Florida with her husband of over fifty years, Eddie. At sixty-five, Jan published her first novel, "Doctor, Please! I'm Alive!" "Shadows of Love" is her second work.

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